The Hacktivist

Do you see the name “hacktivist” filling up your newsfeeds on social media? While this catchy play on word (hacker + activist) sounds intriguing, the reality behind this movement is a bit eye opening. While the incidents seem to be taking place in Alabama, the effect is spreading world wide. The hacktivist group “Anonymous” has begun publishing personal details of members of the Ku Klux Klan, including information allegedly connected to groups in Alabaman where in a press release, Anonymous said it has launched "Operation KKK," an effort to reveal personal information on members of the white supremacist group.

To date, the first wave of postings included email addresses and phone numbers Anonymous claims belong to KKK members and groups. So far, four separate postings include 57 numbers and 23 email addresses, however none of the information has been verified. Now while members who post this information swear it to be true, elected officials such as the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky argue their involvement saying the postings are “false, insulting and ridiculous”.

As far as taking over social media, someone using the Twitter handle TheAnonMessage and posting as Anonymous, a global online activist network, said last week it would expose Ku Klux Klan members and publish personal details about alleged KKK adherents. And, the data dump began to hit PasteBin, a site used to share and store text and computer code, on Sunday evening.

With all this happening, what are your thoughts on the new internet take-over, coincidentally very soon after the Ashley-Madison hack? Ruining lives, or seeking justice?

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