Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Network Design
  • Troubleshooting/Repair
  • Network Security
  • VoIP Telephone System Support
  • Handheld Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Connection Issues
  • Crystal Reports
  • System Integration
  • Hurricane Prep
  • LAN/WAN Implementations
  • Technical Support
  • Solutions for Computer Problems
  • Growth and Productivity Planning

Network Design And Implementation

At Olive Branch IT, we understand that the purpose of technology is to serve your business. We offer quality business solutions to our clients. We will work with you to understand your business needs and design a network infrastructure that will fit into your future business plans, allow room for growth and flexibility, while adding to your productivity and profitability. We can help you understand the bottom line with your business, as we have the ability to put technical issues into business terms. We pride ourselves on speaking the customer's language and we will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. At Olive Branch IT there are very few things that we can't do with technology and your business. Whether you are planning a network for 5 users or 2000 users, Olive Branch IT has the tools and expertise to do it right the first time.

We can design and build a completely integrated network infrastructure with multiple servers and workstations, and voice over IP phone systems from the ground up and customized to the type of business that you are running. Or, we can simply maintain the needs of your network with computer repair, virus removal and hardware changes; in other words, just take care of the day to day needs of the modern business information technology. There are always many different business solutions to choose from. It is our goal to make sure that your business has all the proper systems in place to utilize the technology available to you. Although we may make suggestions and strongly support certain options, if you feel a different option or different route may work better for your business, then we will support you in the decision you make 100%. To make sure all the equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion, we will consult with you on every step and work around your schedule to minimize disturbances.

Backup And Disaster Recovery - Serious Business

Does your business currently have a rock-solid backup plan or disaster recovery plan? Data loss due to natural disaster is very serious business, in fact it could mean your business if you don't have a recovery plan for data lost in a fire, flood, storm or here in Florida, a hurricane. A recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin found that 43% of medium and small businesses do not re-open after a major disaster and that many will close within the next few years after a major disaster. The US Department of Labor states that 93% of companies suffering large data loss are out of business within five years. Definitely serious business. At Olive Branch IT, one of our major goals is to make sure that your company never loses data. There are many different options that you have available to you as a business owner. Our goal is to work with you and find which solution best fits your budget, and gives you the highest amount of data protection for your money.

There are several ways that data can be lost besides natural disaster, but the end result can be just as serious. What backup solution you use will determine how well your data, and therefore your business, is protected. For instance, what would happen if you had a hardware failure on your server? Would you have a backup of your data so you could easily move to a new server to have your company up and running again? Or would you build a temporary server and have your data moved to that location? If an employee accidentally deletes data, would you be able to recover that file from the last time it was used? Or if your network contracted a virus and software applications became corrupt or the virus deleted vital data, would you be able to delete the virus, repair the damage and restore the lost data?

At Olive Branch IT we will work with you to build a rock-solid disaster recovery plan. There are many ways that your data can be protected. Among these are: new solutions such as off site backup, multi-server replication, portable media and several others. Each of these protection methods can be customized to the needs of your business.

We can help you understand the steps and procedures needed to make sure your company is up and running as soon as possible. Quickly bounce back after any disaster, equipment failure or human error with minimal or no data loss. If prepared properly, even a disaster as bad as a hurricane can seem like just a small hiccup in your day-to-day business. But if you haven't planned or don't know what to expect, a hurricane can take you down for several days or even weeks at a time and as we saw from the statistics above, you may never recover. Let us help you make sure that doesn't happen to your business.

Our Promise

At Olive Branch IT we will never pressure you to purchase anything; we will simply give you our suggestions, and then support you with your decisions. We also know each business is unique and each requires a different set of skills and way of doing things, and we will fully support your decisions and will work with you to find the most cost-conscious, reliable and productive solutions for your business.

Rate plans and service contracts will be worked out on an individual basis. Please visit our Support Page for details or to receive a copy of the standard plans.

Call us today so we can give you an evaluation of your current network and see where we can help upgrade or improve the performance and security of your existing network, or design a complete, secure network for your business!

Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach and Brevard County in Florida.