Internal Affairs

We’ve spent a lot of time warning about potential risks to your computer system and data, from natural disasters to hackers holding your information hostage. But, while all of those external threats are to be taken serious and prepared for properly, did you realize that you are also at an even greater risk for an internal hack? Whether it be a bored employee, an angry recently “let go” individual, or someone looking to sell your secrets to the competition for monetary gain and zero loyalty to your company, the fact of the matter lies in that you need these individuals to have access to pertinent information in order to do their job, but at what point do they become a tangible threat and how should preventative action be played out?

There’s a fantastic article from Investopedia that applies directly to this type of unfortunate situation, with acknowledgement of how severe threats from an inside job can be, whether it be an employee walking off with data, or unleashing a devastating virus on your companies network. The following are what they list as preventative measures you can take to protect yourself and your company:

-Limit access to sensitive data
-Encrypt all sensitive data
-Cancel cloud, email, and network accounts
-Set up alerts for attempts to enter the network
-Know your enemy

And what they consider the bottom line; stay on top of your current employees satisfaction while simultaneously ensuring you cancel all accounts of any ex-employees. Being alert, aware, and accountable in these situations will save you in the long run, both financially and physically. For more information on how to prevent these kinds of hacks or any other kinds, or advice on where to lead your company when it comes to technology, call our office or visit our website!

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