Ready for the new iPhone?

Are you the type of person who just has to have each new iPhone when they come out? Well it so, you aren’t alone! It seems as always, the iPhone 6s release was just as bit as any other release, and the anticipation was just as exciting! But, with a new iPhone coming out every year, what possibly could be getting better? In my opinion, it seems like the phones are getting bigger and the iPads are getting smaller, until one day they will merge in to one super sonic technological speed demon robot! But, that’s just a theory.

So what are the factors making this new device so appealing? Well… to begin, the camera is said to be amazing. We are talking 12-megapixal rear camera. Plus, it’s now got 3D touch, and while that part is enjoyable to feel like the phone is alive and moving, it actually is less bendable than before- if you remember the initial complaints about customers phones bending.

Apple has branched out (get it.. apple.. branch..) and expanded their colors to now include gold, rose gold, silver, and space gray, however almost everyone ends up putting a case on their phone so I don’t really see that as a HUGE reason to go out and purchase a new one.

Now there is the option of the payment plan that certain retailers offer, however if you listen closely, you will notice that you still pay full price for the phone, just in monthly installments- and you end up paying full price for each phone over time, it just allows the consumer who prefers to have the “latest and greatest” phone in their pocket, a more economical way of doing so without immediately breaking the bank.

So, what do you think? Did you preorder or purchase one already? Or are you planning on doing so?

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