Popular Online?

It’s no surprise that most people rely on the web for almost all of their daily needs. Whether it’s directions, recipes, status updates, or entertainment- the “World Wide Web” is Americas best friend. But, have you ever wondered what the most frequented sights visited are? Could it be Yahoo for mail, Google for searches, or maybe even YouTube for online video obsessions? Well, we are here to answer that question for you- whether you wanted to know it, or not!

If you answered Google for number one, then you would be CORRECT! www.Google.com came in as the most frequented site visited by people on the web, followed closing by Facebook. After that? YouTube. A sight that may not be as popular takes 4th place; Baidu, which surprisingly came in BEFORE Yahoo!!! Online shopping is definitely a hit these days, making Amazon number 5 on the list, followed by your source for all information and definitions; Wikipedia. Tencent QQ follows that up, with Twitter closely behind. As if Google couldn’t just be satisfied with taking 1st place, Google India comes in at number 10, with a list of websites that aren’t too familiar following that. Surprisingly behind are more common sites such as LinkedIn, BlogSpot, Ebay, Bing, Reddit, Pinterest, Apple Inc. (that’s a shock!), and even Craigslist.

So, which sites do you find yourself visiting lately? Open your browser history, and see if this lists matches your personal online preferences! And if not, comment below with what you noticed was trending in your world!

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