Could Your System Be Outdated?

With technology evolving almost every day, the chances of your system being outdated are pretty high- however while there may only be a slight increase in accuracy or speed when comparing day-to-day stats, if it’s been a significant amount of time since you’ve done anything about updating, you might be falling drastically behind the power curve. What does that mean to you? It could mean a variety of things- from slower networks, threats of failure, and of course loss of revenue.

It’s pretty basic to understand; networks that are outdated or slow, or systems and computers that have any amount of downtime, can be very costly to ANY business- big or small. This is true, especially over an extended period of time, and even more so if you are a larger corporation.

The technicians at Olive Branch IT are all highly trained and stay on top of the changes in hardware and software before they are even released to the open market. We also understand where and when new technology is needed, and where and when it’s not. We can come look at your existing network, and help you decide if it's really working for your business, or if your business is working for your network…

So how can you know if your network is becoming outdated? Well, just blink. BAM. It’s outdated. No, ok we are just kidding- but honestly, it does happen that fast, and no one expects YOU to constantly stay on top of it and ensure it’s updates, because let’s face it- you have a business to run! Lucky for you, we do too, and our business, is making sure your network is where it should be. Convenient huh?

Let’s chat signs and symptoms for a moment. Like anything yucky headed our way, we are semi prepared by seeing a few symptoms. The same goes for networks. The following is a sample of things you might encounter, with a system that is becoming outdated:

Your losing customers to competitors. Nobody likes that, but let’s face it- people want to invest their money (and time) in a company they feel is innovative.

Many of your processes are still handled off line- without the use of technology. While we understand that some people still prefer the good ole “pen and paper” aspect for the threat of the unknown with technology, however that is not only time consuming, but rather wasteful. If you are proactive in protecting your data, those “fears” of losing everything to the black hole of the internet, become nothing more than a distant memory. (side note: we also specialize in security measures!)

What about your website? Is it interactive? is it mobile friendly? Nowadays most people have a smart phone that they use for just about everything- and let’s be honest, the bigger the phones get, the smaller the computers seem to get- so eventually the mobile device may be the only tool your customers find themselves using on a daily basis. Are you prepared to accommodate to that generation?

Are you on social media? If not, you are SERIOUSLY behind the power curve. Whether you want to believe it or not, the best way to reach, connect, and sell yourself is through social media branding.

So whatever the sign or symptom may be, if you find yourself nodding your head and thinking “hmm this could be me”, then it’s definitely something to look in to a bit further. If you want to be ahead, you need to stay ahead- and at Olive Branch IT, that’s what we are all about.

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