Keeping Your E-Mail A Priority

“You’ve Got Mail…” anyone born before 1995 probably remembers those exciting words from the AOL email program that was considered ultra new tech for the masses of regular folks at the time. (There was also a particularly sweet Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie of that title, but we digress.) Now “e-mail” or electronic mail is such a prevalent part of life, some younger people may not even realize how much our society used to rely on plain old “United Postal Service” mail to take care of our correspondence.


Enough with the nostalgia! The fact is that most, if not all, small businesses use, if not completely rely on, email as a part of their daily activities. How many questions and answers, proposals, and cold calls go out every second to support your business? One of the many services we at Olive Branch IT are excited to offer businesses is a way to avoid catastrophic consequences…. or at least maximum inconveniences that can come from email servers’ mishaps.


A critical piece of information that was within the text of an email which an employee thought was of no consequence was deleted. Oh yeah, (picture someone smacking their head with the palm of their hand and the ensuing thwap sound) deleted. Fine, maybe that’s no big deal, but you didn’t discover it’s been erased for several days. Yes, but technology and “nothing on the internet’s really gone forever”…. Right? Not really. If you are using a remote server hosted somewhere offsite for your email, it may have been erased in the scheduled cycle of deletions and truly be gone. UGGH. But, you may be thinking that surely you’re safer and will avoid potential outages with your email server offsite. Again, not really. What if something happens to the offsite location? This could be as small as an electrical outage and generator malfunction, or as large as a natural disaster. Your customers may not understand why a disaster that happened elsewhere is holding up YOUR business. Even if you call a company like Olive Branch IT, we can’t do much for you if you don’t have access to the servers. So, now what? Well, we think we have some good solutions for you.


Olive Branch IT offers comprehensive design and set up of your own mail servers on site, with on site AND off site backups of all of your email that are automatically archived and kept for as long as you dictate. If you have it set up this way and something happens, we can restore your email for you in literally minutes. This also means we can help you with personalized problem solving and solutions that are tailored to your business needs. We can also help set up your employees’ mobile devices so they can remain connected to their email even when they are away from the office. This also allows us the opportunity to discuss ways to implement other security measures to keep your business safe from hijacking or device centered hacking. We can help you maintain more control of your email and have the ability to fix things that may go wrong with a sense of urgency that matches your priorities, not someone else’s and certainly not at the mercy of an offsite host.

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