It's happening all around us...

“LAST MONTH, UNITED Airlines grounded nearly 5,000 flights when its computer system crashed. The culprit: a faulty network router. Later on the same morning, another computer glitch halted trading on the New York Stock Exchange for over three hours.

Some saw the sinister hand of a hacker in these outages, but they are far more likely to be a coincidence, an intrinsic feature of the system rather than a bug. Networks go down all the time, a consequence of unprecedented levels of interconnection. Disruptions can occur even in the most robust networks, whether these are power grids, global financial markets, or your favorite social network. As the former Atlantic reporter Alexis Madrigal observed when a computer error shut down the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2013, “When things work in new ways, they break in new ways.”

-Taken from Wired

You may be asking yourself, “how does this affect me?”. Well, directly, if you were on one of those grounded flights, your schedule was surely thrown off a bit, and if you spend a great deal of time viewing the New York Stock Exchange, then that was three hours (or more) of your life you aren’t going to be getting back. Indirectly, whether you are a multi-million dollar business owner, or a student just trying to write a research paper, malfunctions, hacks, and “glitches” can occur anytime- to anyone.

As the article states; “when things work in new ways, they break in new ways”, which means that technology is constantly changing. With that, comes new technological issues, and by default, comes new advances in remedying those issues. While one may find a “family member who knows computers” can be handy, or maybe you try your hand at Googling the answer, the truth of the matter is, that you are playing a dangerous game of getting “lucky” and hoping the end results don’t actually cause MORE problems!

This is where our team of professionals comes in to play. Whether it’s a one time “quick fix” or a protection plan that keeps us in your speed dial, we have options that suit most every need. Our goal at Olive Branch IT is to make sure you have the proper hardware, technology and techniques in place to ensure minimal down time when there is a system failure of any kind. Our job as your IT provider is also to increase your productivity with the right hardware, keep you up and running, keep your system secure, and plan for your future growth! And, what’s great about us, is at Olive Branch IT we will never pressure you to purchase anything; we will simply give you our suggestions, and then support you with your decisions. We also know each business is unique and each requires a different set of skills and way of doing things, and we will fully support your decisions and will work with you to find the most cost-conscious, reliable and productive solutions for your business.

So contact us today, so we can give you an evaluation of your current network and see where we can help upgrade or improve the performance and security of your existing network, or design a complete, secure network for your business!

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