You got 99 problems...

Do you find yourself saying “I’ve got 99 problems, but a computer ain’t one”? Probably not, because honestly we are pretty sure everyone has some sort of issue with their computer at some point- and thanks to the new age addiction to smart phones and social media, the frustration and anger that amounts from not being able to connect or reload can paint a VERY ugly picture for people….

But, how can one handle computer problems? Well for starters, slamming the keypad or kicking the monitor will not help you. Throwing your phone? Not a great idea either. But hey, we’ve all been there! So now let’s move forward, take a deep breath, and chat about what is really happening, and see if we can help.

Let’s first start with diagnosing the issue- how is your computer running right NOW? Try restarting it, and let’s figure out if the POST (Power On Self Test) shows anything. Most times, it will display a problem that has been found on the hardware. Next, let’s chat loading time. Is it taking FOREVER? Ugh. Only a few things in life are worth waiting for, and a computer to load is NOT one of them.

Pause for a second, and ask yourself a question- “what have I installed lately”?. Can you think of anything that you might have downloaded, opened, or installed? That could be damaging your system (think virus), so use your Device Manager in the Control Panel, click on the Systems icon, and make sure you don’t have any conflicting processes.

Everything look ok so far? Well what are the three safety steps you were taught as a kid? Stop. (check). Look. (check). And…. LISTEN! That’s right- put your ear up to the computer and listen to see if there is any strange sounds coming from it- that could be a sure fire sign that your computer is working beyond its capacity

Still having issues and unable to pinpoint the cause or create a solution? No worries, you’ve got us! Contact our team of experts today and let’s get your system back up and running.

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