Your connection is lost!

I just love sitting down at my computer to begin a full days work, only to find that my internet connection isn’t quite… well… connected. <——- Said NO ONE EVER.
It’s no lie the world has come to be dependent on the internet for pretty much everything; “how-to’s”, directions, and even talking to other people (a phone call? What’s that?) So when our “life-line” goes down, we start to panic. When a companies life-line (internet) goes down, it could mean business failure.

While we specialize in assisting with internet connections, there are some things you can try at home to fix the problem yourself. First of course, would be to check and see if your router is locatable. If it is, then try connecting, if it isn’t, try plugging it in.

Plugged in and still not working? Try unplugging it for thirty seconds and replug it in. That might just be enough to reconnect the two. If it doesn’t automatically pop up and connect, you can always go into the advanced settings and search for your router to connect. This may require a little more knowledge and leg work (especially if your router is on a different floor than your computer) and you will need to be familiar with the IP address.

Now let’s say you are connected, but it keeps dropping the connection? That’s much easier to fix than it might seem at first. Surprisingly simple, replacing the splitters could fix the entire problem! Thanks to a degraded signal coming to the modem, this problem is actually very common, and very easy to fix.
But what about your signal dropping every time you go into a certain room? Sounds crazy and creepy right? Well although it might be enticing to some to assume their home has ghosts, in fact it’s just placement of certain things in the room like glass or mirrors, that are causing an interference. An external antenna or router-firmware updates might be something to consider in this situation.

Of course these barely brush the surface of the different instances and reasonings your internet connection might have issues, and when all else fails, you can rest assured knowing that we are here to help get you reconnected and running up to speed in no time. Whether over the phone or an in-person service call, one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to assist you with your IT needs!

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