Upgrade Your Windows Program, For FREE!

Exciting news if you are an avid Windows lover, and even more exciting news if you already have Windows 7 or higher! It seems Windows 10 will become available on July 29th, 2015, and even better? It’s FREE!

According to their executive vice president, “Windows 10 is a new generation of Windows designed to empower you to do great things”. Sounds pretty exciting huh? It will be bringing back the Start menu people already know (and love) while simultaneously allowing them to easily find their files, applications, and favorites. It is being said to not only start up fast, but also resume fast AND has the ability to enable batteries to last longer. It will allow people to be more productive, while still having fun, and deliver ongoing feature innovations and security updates.

Apple has Siri? Well it seems Windows 10 has Cortana. Cor-wha? Certain; the world’s first truly personal digital assistant that helps people get things done across ALL of their devices. From greeting people by their name (which yes Siri does do) to allowing them to log into their PC without a password (which no, Siri does not do).
So when is this upgrade available? It begins July 29th, and will be an easy upload for those of you that already have the new Windows 8.1, and of course you have the option to go to your local retail store for assistance. If you don’t currently have the 8.1, relax- it will become available for you later this year.

Too excited to wait? Well, unfortunately you do have to wait to upgrade, however right now you have the ability to reserve your free upgrade if you’d like by visiting here! Unsure if this upgrade is for you? Contact us today and we can go over more in depth what you can expect and why you should consider this (free) upgrade opportunity!

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