Cool tips and tricks for using your computer!

Did you know…

There are more efficient ways to “search” something, than using Google or just basic text box followed by “search”. Like? Specific terms, the minus sign, and capitalizing. Want to know more?

You can open links in new windows while browsing a website to broaden your intake of information, rather than keeping you stuck with only what Web site designers make obvious? Think Bookmarks, editing URLs, and clearing browser cache.

You can use “Command Prompt” to watch ASCII Star Wars, as well as make folders you cannot delete!

Notepad can create personalized logs AND harmless viruses that are incredibly annoying.. Want to know how?

There are a plethora of keyboard shortcuts available to make life easier, and they can be found here:

You can have your computer greet you every time you turn it on… Oh yes, you can!

^ That trick, will also let you know if your computer is a male or female.

Alt + 2 = ™
Alt + 0 = º
Alt + p = π
Alt + r + ®
Alt + t = †
Alt + g = ©
Alt + v = √
Alt + / = ÷

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