You down with VoIP? Ya you know me!

If you have a business that currently uses VoIP, than you probably (hopefully) know what that is. But, if you don’t currently use it, or you see the acronyms floating around on paperwork in your office, then today is your lucky day, because WE are going to help YOU better understand exactly what it is. And then? You don’t have to worry about it again, because we can also provide support for your business and your VoIP service.

Let’s start with the basic; VoIP is short for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. English? It’s a telephone system that was implemented to replace expensive long distance telephone calls, and now, since the VOIP uses the internet to make calls, the distance between the origin and destination is irrelevant. With distance not mattering, it allows each telephone call to cost the exact same amount of money to the business, and makes VOIP calling more efficient AND cost effective than convention calling plans.

Now let’s get a little more in depth as to the specifics of it… Now that a computer is not necessarily required, a standard telephone can be connected to the VOIP gateway, taking your voice signal and breaking it down into a digital signal. From there, it’s formatted into “packets” which are each given a destination address and reassembly instruction. Through all of this “fancy footwork” the package enters other gateways, converting itself back into an analog signal, and then eventually being received by the person who answers the telephone.

Sounds intense doesn’t it? Well, as tricky as it is to describe, it can be even MORE difficult to understand when something goes awry.. That is when WE come in to play! Providing support for VoIP telephone systems is just one of the services we offer, and we would love to discuss how we can format a plan that fits your business needs! Click or call our offices today!

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