Is it a virus?

You know when you start to feel a little “under the weather” and show symptoms of the onset of a cold with maybe a runny nose, slight fever, and overall tired feeling? Those symptoms show you that your body has been exposed to something, and it clues you in to start taking proper steps towards recovery, whether it be rest and hydration, or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

Much like a virus in your body, your computer will also show signs of a virus beginning to attack it, triggering you to then take the proper steps to prevent the virus from completely destroying your system, and “treating” it to repair any damage, as well as protect your computer from the detrimental effects that may have been put in to action.

So how do you know if your computer is showing signs of a virus, or if it’s just running slower than normal due to multiple programs open or limited internet accessibility? Much like a WebMD would give you a list of signs and symptoms, we too are going to provide you with some things to watch for, that signal a problem is on the rise.

First and foremost, pop-up ads. Trying to do some work and research something on the internet, and your constantly having to close out windows for sites that pop-up on your screen on their own? While computers have progressed to now include pop-up blockers, a few (especially those associated with a virus) will still make their way through, and sometimes even include a “special” that allows you to download a paid program to remove the virus. But, whatever you do, don’t download it! It will only download more malware.

Next, let’s say you’re browsing around, maybe on Facebook- possibly checking out what an ex is up to? BAM your computer locks up and you get a message that you’ve violated some sort of legal code, and you are now required to pay a fine. Awkward timing huh? Well, the message is spam, and whether you do or don’t pay the fee, you still won’t get your computer back. They call those “ransomeware” because they basically take your computer hostage and hold it up for ransom.

Now you notice things just aren’t working like they should. You can’t close programs, your computer is starting to be unresponsive, it kind of feels like having a toddler all over again… This is a big sign that a virus has pinpointed your system to attack, and it’s moving in…. Now is the time to act.

And then, there’s the creepy messages that you’ve sent people, without knowing you did… Advertising a website for an embarrassing product you would probably never use? Sending links to your friends with your non-authentic testimonial? Yep, you’ve been hit. What to do? Start changing your passwords immediately. And then, call us.

If you think your computer is showing signs of a virus, visit our website at, and request a quote to see how we can assist you with your technological issues. Solutions are just one single click away!

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