But what about the cost?

One of the biggest concerns both consumers and businesses seem to have is "how much will this cost me", followed closely by "what exactly am I paying for?". The unknown can be a terrifying thought, especially when it comes to your budget and your finances, and at Olive Branch I.T. we understand that our customers have an expectation for both reliable services as well as realistic pricing.   

 With that said, we want to assure you that you will NEVER be charged for services that you do not need.  We provide a variety of billing options for our customers to choose from, based off what they anticipate to need support wise, in addition to what fits comfortably into their budget.  With five different standard plans available, and "said plans" having predicted hours of service ranging from ten to two-hundred, our customers can find comfort in knowing we will work them on a monthly plan payment option, with the total price divided among twelve months.


However don't allow the "five plan" option to make you feel restricted; we also build custom plans, again based on your needs, and have the ability to adjust specifically in the instance that you feel you may need more hours than you see listed.  With an hourly standard rate of either "on site" or "remote", it takes the guess work out of wondering what your bill will look like. 

Did we mention that there are DISCOUNTS?!? 

That's right!  The more hours you include in your plan, the BIGGER savings you receive! And we aren't talking "little" savings, we are talking "up to 20% off" savings. But, we don't just stop there! If you decide to pay the full amount in advance, we will then take off another 5% just to say "thank you!"

The hourly plans provided give you a flexible solution for your outsourced I.T. department, and when it comes to how the hours are used? Well, it's completely up to you! Those hours were designed to accommodate your specific needs, including but not limited to:

•Complete Network Design         •VoIP Telephone System Support         •Crystal Reports                                      •LAN/WAN Implementations

•Troubleshooting Repair             •Network Security                               •System Integration                                •Handheld Support

•Disaster Recovery                    •Technical Support                              •Growth & Productivity Planning               •Hurricane Prep

•Server Migrations                     •Upgrades & Replacements                  •Cloud technology                                   •General Maintenance

At Olive Branch I.T., we will never pressure you to purchase anything.  Instead, we will simply give you our suggestion, and will support your decision.  We recognize each business is unique and will require a different set of skills and procedures, which makes our options of "hours available for purchase" an ideal method of strategizing a plan that works specifically for you.  We will fully support your decisions and will work with you to find the MOST cost-conscious, reliable, and productive solutions for your business. 

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