Meet Olive Branch I.T.

When it comes to Information Technology, and Technical Support, the staff at Olive Branch I.T . has got you covered. Serving the greater Brevard County, to include but not be limited to; Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Cocoa Beach, we understand that the backbone of any corporation is the information technology it relies on every day, in order to keep it’s business up and running. With a vast amount of knowledge in all things “technical”, we pride ourselves in not being limited to just assisting with technical issues or maintenance requests, instead, we consider ourselves experts in the field of IT engineering, and pride ourselves in the support we provide to our clientele.

We have a deep understanding for how crucial a proper working system is to any corporation or business, and we can guarantee that we will know your system “inside and out”. From initial set-up, to day-to-day functions, our team of experts will asses your system and be able to tell you first hand if it is the most efficient system for your daily activity, and suggest ways that it can be improved to help make your business run more effectively.

Olive Branch I.T. understands that overtime, systems can become outdated, or run at a “less than acceptable” speed, and honestly in those situations, the effect on your business can be costly, and create havoc if left untreated. We also realize that virus’s and threats to your security can pop up at any time, which is why we make ourselves available to you through telephone, email, and online web assistance.

Mail-server setup, backup/recovery, troubleshooting, and system security are just a mere hint of what our team or professionals can do for you. We offer rate plans and service contracts that can be worked out on individual basis’s, and at Olive Branch I.T., we make a promise to you, to never pressure you into purchasing anything. Our goal is to give you suggestions, and to support you with whatever decision you chose. We realize each business is unique in it’s own settings, and requires an array of different skills sets as well as methods of doing things, so with that we make it a priority to let you, the customer, know that we fully support any decision you make, and will work to our best ability to find the most cost-conscious, reliable, and productive solution for your business.

If you are ready to get rid of the bad technical support you may have been receiving, and get on board with a team who is dedicated, professional, and here to assist YOU, then call us today and let us set up an evaluation of your current network, to see where we can help upgrade or improve the performance and security of your existing network, OR- let us design a complete, secure network- just for your business! What are you waiting for? 321.288.0793

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