Internet Safety

As a business, we offer several services to other businesses and customers in the realm of the IT world, but as a person we also want to offer our assistance and knowledge to people on more of a “friendship” level. While we can protect your systems, assist with data recovery, and design your network, we also want to help keep you safe.

With advances in technology, also come advances in hackers and individuals who don’t always have the best of intentions. Whether it’s watching your every move with location services, stalking your social media accounts, or tapping into your wifi and stealing passwords, the dangers of the internet can be anywhere.

So what are some steps you can take to protect yourself, and your family? First and foremost, be aware of your social media settings. How much information are you giving out about yourself? Your name, birthdate, employer? Your kids schools and activities they partake in? And do you find yourself checking in or allowing your location services to be on? If you answered yes to any of those, you are putting yourself at risk. Reassess your settings, and see whether or not your profile is able to be viewed by the public. If that also is a yes, then you are pretty much allowing anyone to have insight in to your life, and your daily routines.

To go more in-depth in regards to location, if you are on your mobile device, how many applications on your phone or Ipad have the location services option lit green? That means that any random internet user who you might play candy crush against, or review with on Yelp, can see where you are. At all times. Scary isn’t it? You may think as parent having your child's location service on will allow you to follow their every move, but it also allows strangers to be following them… Instead, opt for the “Find my phone” on an iPhone if you have one, or just check in frequently!

And Wifi? As wonderful as it is, and how common that it’s pretty much able to be found in any place of business, be careful what you sign on to while you are hooked in to someone else’s system. While you may think you're being protected on their wifi, and possibly checking your bank account or purchasing something online, that gentlemen next to you may be a computer wiz who is copying your information and data right on to his own phone. So, unless you are at home or work where the connection is locked to password holders only, be wary of what services you choose to sign on to!

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