Meet our Owner

With all of the advancement in techonology, and anonymity of web relationships, we at Olive Branch I.T. want you to know not only that you are in good hands, but also exactly whose hands you're in!

Let us introduce you to the man behind the "mask" if you will, (mask of the computer that is).... Mr. Jason Daniels!

Born and raised in Florida, Jason currently is the proud papa to three adorable children; two little ladies, and one fine fella.  As if that's not enough to keep him busy, Jason also has an affection for animals by owning one cat, two dogs, and SEVEN hens! That's right, SEVEN! Why?  Because he knows just how beneficial fresh eggs can be!  With a heart of gold and an astonishing amount of knowledge, we are sad to report that he is OFF the market though, because wedding plans are underway for him and his fiance.

A graduate of Florida Institute of Technology, Jason has quite the extensive background in Information Technology.  He spent seven years as a tech at Artemis International and then a whopping five years as a Senior IT Manager at Coastal Mechanical. All of this combined experience amplified his drive and passion for all things "technical", because not only does he have a strong appreciation for being challenged, but he also knows that rarely will he encounter the same thing twice.  To say he's "good" at what he does, would be an understatement.

After several years working for other people, Jason came to realize that a special component was missing from certain companies, and grew a strong dislike for how they were treating their customers, as well as a lack of acknowledgement and reward system for loyal employees. So, he "branched out" and launched Olive Branch I.T. .  Open since June of 2009, Jason finds joy in his work, as well as the people he is working for and with.  Within his business, Jason hopes to ease the stress of I.T., lower overhead costs, and position businesses to be able to grow painlessly, while maintaining a reputation of being honest, trustworthy, and a company that takes pride in watching their customers grow and succeed, because personally, Jason hopes his leap of faith opening his own business will encourage others to take chances and risk success too.

In his free time, you can find him riding his Harley, listening to live music, drag racing his quad, mudding in his 4x4 quads, or just relaxing with his family.  Make sure you remember this name, as well as this company, because it's BIG, and big things go places.  Whether it be Orlando, or South Florida (or both!) his dream is alive and his goals are attainable.  A large staff and a hosting facility that enables him to host phone systems, websites, and production software is not that far away for this guy.  For now though, know that you are not just in good hands, you are in amazing hands. Hands that can mold your system effortlessy, guide you professionally, and provide for you economically. Olive Branch I.T., where solutions are just a "click" away. 

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